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Lolly Daskal


Lolly is the founder of Lead from Within, a global consultancy that has counseled heads of state, consulted to CEOs of large multinationals, and coached budding entrepreneurs.

Over 600,000 people follow Lolly’s wisdom on Twitter and subscribe to her blog; her inspirational speeches are greeted by standing ovations worldwide.

Yet, in spite of all her success and the accolades she has received, Lolly continues to be humble, grounded, and driven to give back to the world.

It’s no wonder The Huffington Post calls Lolly “One of the Most Inspiring Women in the World.

Lolly is very passionate about the power of heart-based leadership, the value of personal integrity, and her mission of helping people achieve their potential to make a difference.

This philosophy forms the underpinning of Lolly’s speaking, coaching, and consulting assignments. She combines her personal and professional experiences with a commitment to help others –– producing exceptional outcomes.

Speaker. Lolly offers a wonderful keynote address that draws upon her personal story to help us identify our purpose in life and meet the challenges that we face.

She uses every opportunity to promote the importance of integrity, bolster our self-worth, make a difference in the lives of others, and inspire us to reach our potential.

We all face challenges in our lives, but Lolly teaches us to uncover inner strength and unleash the passion and confidence to take action and lead from within. (Learn more about Lolly as as a speaker)

Life Coach. Lolly has helped countless leaders discover their potential and harness it to make a difference in their own life and in the lives of others.

Lolly has helped people manage career transitions, launch new enterprises, overcome significant challenges, and find their purpose in life.

Lolly recognizes the power of heart-based leadership and the promise that it offers. Because of her ability to empower others, Lolly’s personal coaching is often described as “life-changing.” (Learn more about Lolly as a life coach.)

Consultant. Through her proprietary leadership model, Lolly has helped organizations, large and small, enhance their communication, build teamwork, and introduce transformational change through her proprietary leadership model*.

Lolly teaches leaders how to create high-performance cultures by adopting Lead from Within approach. (Learn more about Lolly as a consultant.)

*Lolly is currently working on a book that describes her leadership model. It’s titled, Leadership: The Wisdom of the Heart.

A Different Approach

Some coaches and consultants parachute into an organization, like special forces, and take command of the situation.

Lolly understands that in order to achieve lasting results, people must buy in to a vision, acquire the knowledge and skills to succeed, and be empowered to make the required changes.

She understands that knowledge transfer from a consultant requires a careful balance between theory, real-world experience, and practical advice. Furthermore, leaders achieve greatness by cultivating trust and earning respect. These principles form the foundation of Lead from Within.

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