The path to leadership: Building young leaders confidence!

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When a young leader gains confidence and experience they begin to shape their leadership influence. With each new success and learning, the young leader’s confidence grows. Confidence and positive self-esteem can help navigate today’s challenges that all leaders face.

Few people succeed in life without a degree of confidence. Everyone, from young people in their first real jobs to seasoned leaders in organizations, have moments when they are unsure of their ability to face different challenges. No one is immune to these moments of insecurity, but they don’t have to hold you back. I remember as a young leader, my confidence wasn’t always there. I lacked the right attitude, knowledge and proper experience to become more authentic leader. I relied on other people to give me something that I needed to build inside myself as a leader.

As years went by I began to find my leadership voice. I thought about my core beliefs and values in the process of building my confidence and positive self-esteem. When you are leader, everyone is watching even when you are not looking. Every word and every behavior is judged. You have to believe in your vision and possess the right attitude toward people.

So, how do we build the confidence and positive self-esteem in young leaders to help them support their vision?

Build Positive Self-Image

Everything begins on the inside. To build a positive self-image, we need to look at our strengths, gifts and talents. Most people look for weaknesses or what they don’t have. Make a list of your positive qualities on a 3×5 card and keep it handy throughout your day. Take it a step further, ask your friends, colleagues or a family member to even share their own positive reflections of your behaviors.

Make a victory list of successes

Each one of us has a list of victories in life. Take a piece of paper and reflect on those positive memories that brings up your past success with leading people. This list should give you satisfaction and confidence that you can do great things. Past success is a wonderful reminder that we have the capacity for greatness. This builds confidence, which builds healthy self-esteem, which builds success, happiness and etc. You have to be your own cheerleader.

Be a teachable leader

Every experience bears the seeds of learning about the kind of leader you can be. There are no failures in life, only learning experiences. We all face challenges and opportunities to improve, but what separates the best from the rest, is how we respond to those challenges. Great leaders always have openness to new experiences and knowledge.

Raise your value

Part of elevating your confidence is working on yourself. Working on adding value to your personality. People love to be around a leader who add value to others. Some of it will come through experience and some through your own personal commitment and discipline.  Jim Rohn said it best, “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job.”

Commit to a life of growth and learning

A commitment to a life-long learning can shape our self-esteem in a much more positive manner.  It allows us to remain flexible and adaptive in times of change. Those leaders who believe they have “been there, done that” or “learned enough” are closing a lot of hidden opportunities to grow as a leader.

Add value and serve other people

I think the best way to raise your confidence is to always be of service. There are plenty of opportunities to add value to people every day. Martin Luther King Jr. asked the best question- “Life’s most urgent question, is what are you doing to help others?” Test your leadership abilities by working with people you can help support and give them your heart.


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