Growing Leaders at the 25th Kelly McGillis Classic International Women and Girls’ Flag Football Championship!

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Last month I was invited with Maria Garcia to speak at the 25th Kelly McGillis Classic International Women and Girls’ Flag Football Championship in Key West Florida.

Women and girls from around the United States and the world gathered for hard-fought sporting fun competition.  More than 60 teams from North America, Latin America and Europe were invited to join McGillis in the island city for the special 25th annual championship.

The tournament is named for and endorsed by the acclaimed actress and former Key West resident who starred in Top Gun and Witness. The accomplishment of the event is tributed to its endorsing body, the International Women’s Flag Football Association (IWFFA).

Diane Beruldsen, president and founder of the IWFFA and the association travels around the world promoting and uniting female flag football teams and leagues. In 1997 the IWFFA introduced the sport in Scandinavia and it has recently entered Latin America.

Maria Garcia and I had the opportunity to speak about TEAM Leadership. Successful leaders are not only highly successful in developing themselves, but they are highly successful in developing other people. Our mission and passion is to grow young leaders in our communities. We work with leaders across the country to develop their leadership skills and potential in order to serve schools, communities and businesses.

We had a wonderful dialogue with the girls with lots of engagement. These girls were from 11 to 13 years old. The team name was Wheaton’s. They actually won the championship in their age group in the tournament. Coincidence? Maybe J We were very inspired by their leadership ideas.

Tal:  What does leadership means to you?


  1. Get your team focused
  2. Sportsmanship
  3. Play with passion
  4. Put effort on your team
  5. never give up

Tal:  What is going to be your vision for today?

Girls:  To win

Tal:  How are you going to win?


  1. By having fun
  2. By playing as a team
  3. By staying focused

Tal:  How do you guys have fun in the field?


  1. By playing as friends
  2. By helping each other
  3. By working together

Tal:  How are you guys can add value to each other?


  1. By giving less attitude
  2. By working together side by side
  3. By having confident in each other
  4. By no causing drama lol.

Tal:  How are you going to step up to your leadership?


  1. We are going to move forward
  2. We will play the best we can be as a team
  3. We are going to help each other up.

We definitely working with young leaders in progress! The girls even went as far as to put Tal in the hot seat by asking him. Girls question:  Tal have you ever played football? Tal:   Answer “Not recently, I’m more of a basketball person. Girls challenged Tal.  “we want our entire team to play against you. Tal:  ” well I’m going to have Maria Help me?” lol.

Last words of encouragement from Tal to the girls.

” If you want to be a leader, you have to support your team, have passion and purpose of what you are doing.  Remember if your team wins you win, you are in this together!”

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