Your True Nature

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 Your True Nature.

What makes you who you really are? Each and every one of us has a unique essence, meaning your true self.

The environment that we grow up in has a great impact on this. For some, it has masked or even changed our true essence. We adapt to the way things are around us.

Some people tell me I used to be sweet, but lately- people have made me bitter. When I was this good, sweet person, people took advantage of me. So, I decided to change.

Some others may give the excuse “Well, I used to be sober, and a good citizen until (this and that) happened to me. I found my comfort in alcohol.

There is a reason why people do what they do, and behave in ways they behave. The difference in how you and I behave has a lot to do with the way we see others and ourselves.

For example, people who were raised in a bad environment have the choice to act accordingly. They can grow up full of resentment and anger, along with other negative feelings and emotions. Or, they can choose to be positive.

You can choose to learn there are better ways, and turn your bad experiences around. Click To Tweet You make the choice to improve your life and the lives of others. You refuse to repeat the same patterns, and understand that you don’t have to follow in the same footsteps. Why? You realize your true essence. You understand that who you are has nothing to do with how you were raised, or the environment you grew up in.

Some people blame it on genes. I don’t believe that. My father was an alcoholic and some of my brothers followed in his footsteps. I was brought up in an environment where I could have easily done the same, however I always knew I didn’t want that to be my life. Growing up, I always told myself I would never become an alcoholic and that I will not raise my children in that kind of environment.

We have the power to choose our life, despite the examples we are exposed to growing up. Click To Tweet

The moment we realize this, we become a person of power. We have control of our lives. People don’t choose our lives, we do. We cannot blame anyone but ourselves for where we are in our lives, or for what we have become.

None of us are perfect. We have all made mistakes but as long as we have life, we have an opportunity to change or to make things right for us and for others.

The decisions we make not only affect ourselves; they impact the people who surround us. If we are miserable, we make people around us miserable. If we become addicted to something, we affect those around us. We need to do good not only for ourselves, but for those around us.

The past is the past- what is important is the present. What are we doing now? What legacy will you leave for your children, your family and friends? What kind of lessons can you teach others from your life experiences?

Recently I saw a great example of someone’s true nature.

This person is a very successful business owner. He has a well-established business with many employees working for him.   He recently had to deal with a situation with one of his best employees. This employee was having personal problems, going through a divorce. He had become depressed and started drinking heavily. He started missing work, not bothering to even call. He was giving up on everything. Several of his bosses, along with the owner had tried talking to him but nothing changed. This employee was sorry for his behavior, but once he started drinking he could not stop. Three months went by and other employees were growing angry at the owner for tolerating this behavior. They were also growing angry with their peer employee coming into work whenever he felt like it. They started putting a lot of pressure on the owner to fire him.

What the owner did is worth sharing: He had a heart to heart talk with the troubled employee and told him he needed help and that he was willing to pay for rehab, on the company. He removed him from the rest of the crew and sent him to work with one of his managers who was a rehabilitated alcoholic for almost 20 years.

He paired them together and told the manager to help him in any way he could, to get him back to his old self.  The employee is doing well so far and thinks he can get better without any rehab.

Why do you think the employer did not give up on him? Because he took the time to care. This particular employee had been loyal for years and the owner of the company knew this. He was not so quick to just let him go- instead he wanted to help him. He knew this was only temporary and this employee was allowing these unfortunate circumstances to take over his life. The boss saw his true essence.

Sometimes we give up on others and ourselves too quickly. I am here to tell you to revisit your true essence. Do not allow your circumstances to change who you really are. Do everything possible to learn from bad experiences. Whatever life throws at you, react in a positive way. Remember, we are not what happens to us- we are how we respond to situations. Click To Tweet


Jesus knew the true essence of Zaccheus.

Luke 19:3-5


3Zaccheus was trying to see who Jesus was, and was unable because of the crowd, for he was small in stature. 4So he ran on ahead and climbed up into a sycamore tree in order to see Him, for He was about to pass through that way. 5When Jesus came to the place, He looked up and said to him, “Zaccheus, hurry and come down, for today I must stay at your house.”…


Zacchaeus was a chief tax collector at Jericho; he was a descendant of Abraham. During that time tax collectors were despised as traitors as corrupt people, more likely he was wealthy due to his job. After Jesus visited Zacchaeus, he gave all his wealth to the poor and repaid the money taken from the people four-fouled. He showed true repentance and transformation.


The next time you think of reacting in a negative way to life’s circumstances- remember your true nature.


Cheers my friends,


Maria Garcia

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