Are You Investing wisely?

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The economy is sustained by investments. There are an array of types of investments in the world. People normally invest in things that are necessities or luxuries. People invest in buying a home, boat, luxury vehicle, even planes. People even invest in taking time off to vacation. Some invest in their bodies by joining a gym or getting cosmetic surgery, while some invest in jewelry.

We live in a world where we not only need to market our products but we also need to market ourselves.
Every company who is recruiting, wants to hire the best candidate and when you are the best, you skills are worth more than the entry level skilled.

I often see people investing in many things but when it comes to their personal growth they put no effort in investing in themselves. Think about how many industries requires people with excellent customer service skills? Every company deals with people therefore, when one interacts with people, they need to be know certain skills to be able to deliver great customer service through communication alone.

We live in a fast pace world where nothing stay constant. Every thing changes rapidly and companies are always looking for innovative products and services, not to mention the skills one had 10 years ago are obsolete. The customer service we provided then are not what people expect today
therefore, in order to stay competitive and on top of the game, we must continuously grow our expertise while improving ourselves in other areas.

Companies are no longer needing managers, they are looking for leaders. They are not longer looking for cashiers, they are looking for Customer Service Specialist who are knowledgeable, know how to listen, and have problem solving skills. They are looking for people who can represent their companies the best they can because after all employees are the face of every business.

Who is responsible for our personal and career growth? Some people think it should be the company’s responsibility to provide their employees with all the tools, training, and certifications as part of benefits.
Others think it is the individual’s responsibility for their own development. Regardless of the belief, we need to invest in our intellectual, career, and personal development.

We need to see personal development as an investment like buying a vehicle, buying a home, buying a membership to the gym, etc… The more equipped, trained, knowledgeable you are, the more valuable you are.

When was the last time you invested in your personal growth? What are you waiting for? If you don’t take care of yourself, who will?

Remember, your personal development doesn’t happen by rubbing Aladin’s Lamp. You got to make it happen, invest in your self.

Maria Garcia

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