The road with many exits-you can always turn your life around!

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Les Brown, the motivational speaker, once said in one of his speeches “Did your GPS ever told you how stupid you are for missing an exit? No right?  Because if you do, your GPS will redirect you to the best available road to reach your destination”.

Sometimes we are too hard on ourselves regarding the choices or direction we choose in life. Instead of redirecting ourselves like a GPS would, we freeze up and even go back to travel the same road we know will lead us to that place we don’t want to be.

At some point or another, we all made bad choices that were not in our best interest. Here is a question for you-What if we redirect our lives to a better path? We can choose to turn around or take the left or right road instead.

It doesn’t matter how long you have been “traveling” in the wrong path. What really matters is where you are going from this point forward.  You have the power and the responsibility to choose a much better future. This path begins with you.

2015 is here now and when we look back, we realize we have been in the wrong path. We are not happy with the outcomes and we are not where we wish to be. In fact we might be in a place we regret being at this very moment.

What can we do?  We can sit there and over-analyze our situation about what we did wrong and remain powerless without taking constructive steps toward a better future.

We always have the power to choose how we will think, feel and act, no matter how hopeless our lives seem to be.

Viktor Frankl who lived through years of confinement at Auschwitz Nazi camps, was separated from his family, deprived of food and stripped naked to the harsh evil of beatings which robbed all human dignity. Through those sufferings and humiliations, he saw choices for himself even though he lost everything one could have in their life time. In the most mortifying moments, he saw meaning in his personal tragedy and the power of choice help him overcome the holocaust. It gave him a new life with a strong purpose.

Frankl’s story is an inspiration to all of us. No matter how difficult things seem, we always have a choice. We can always decide what we think, feel at any given moment. Our circumstances do not make decisions for us. When we increase the level of our choices, our lives are more meaningful and enriched for the better.

Problems and mistakes of the past can never be fully erased, but we can choose to live fully in the present.  What does that mean? It means we have options and we can either choose happiness or misery.

It takes effort and character. Happiness or success simply does not fall in our laps. It takes the willingness to be open to new ways of thinking and the desire to grow. It takes hope and faith and most importantly-courage to be vulnerable to make a change. Remember, we always have a choice on how to live our lives. Our lives can be transformed in the choices we make at this very moment.

This post was a collaboration between Maria Garcia and Tal Shnall.





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