You Are Only As Successful As Your Employee!

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Each individual interprets success differently. I honestly believe that the majority of people go to work with the intention to not only succeed on a personal level, but to make the company succeed as well. You don’t wake up with the intention to fail.


With that being said, it is imperative for leaders to have a clear vision and a clear set of goals as a company. When companies have individual goals as well as collective goals, everyone is clear on what he or she is aiming for. They know exactly what kind of impact they will make on the overall success of the company. When we don’t have specific goals, people become disengaged and are not working towards anything in particular.


One thing leader must remember  when setting goals is  to review their weekly or monthly goals with their employees. There needs to be discussions of  where or why target goals were missed, and look for opportunities to improve. This process brings awareness to the employees as to how important it is to stay focused to be able to achieve goals.

One important aspect of an organization’s success that gets overlooked is employee satisfaction and well being. “You are only successful as your employees” is a quote to illustrate the importance of employee satisfaction and success.


When your employees are not growing with the company, they have no reason to want the company to succeed. The reality of it is, when someone works hard to make the company more money, are they getting rewarded too? If the company makes 1 million more in sales how does this affects them? Are they getting bonus, raises or other compensations such as promotions etc.?


At the very minimum companies should be investing more money in training. I’m not talking about sitting in front of a computer going through slides and choosing multiple choice answers. I’m talking about training employees by sending them to seminars or bringing in experts to educate their employees on a variety of topics, beginning with leadership.


There is an old saying that is so true- “give a fish to a man and you will feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and you will feed him for life.”

Employees want to succeed as much as the company wants to succeed. With that, failure is also a part of succeeding. You get right back up and try again, learning from your mistakes and becoming more innovative. Employees want to feel proud of themselves and the company they work for.

What is the price of success? More often than not, few companies have the mentality of success paired with having a work/ life balance.  They come with a high price, meaning more hours and more demands. Instead of having a balanced life outside of work, promotions come from long hours, not getting any time off, and no consideration for an employee having a life or a family outside of work. Now don’t get me wrong, with promotions, come more responsibilities which is understandable. But when it gets to the point where it creates a negative effect, it is not balanced well. Employees now are reluctant to even think about promotions because they see that there is just too much expected of them for what they get in return. They would rather stay in their current positions and stop the growing process because there is no incentive other than a little more money, with much less of a work/life balance.


What are the consequences for the company? For the growth of the company there is the potential for a high turnover rate, and no continuity to reinforce culture. Customer service has a big impact as well. Customers want to become familiar with the company employees. They dislike seeing a new face every other time they go in, and of course the financial aspect of the business suffers.


When you create a win-win success for your company and your employees, everything flows much easier. Everyone engages because there is something in return for them. The price of a promotion is not too much for their success.


Are you making the price of success appealing for your employees to be successful? If not what would you change?


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