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November 29, 2014   /   byMaria Garcia  / Categories :  Blog

How many of you had to fast in your lifetime?

Was it by choice, or because you didn’t have money?


My challenge to you is this: Pick a day and go hungry.

After that, if you feel compelled to donate to no kid hungry, please do so.   I challenge you to do this so you can feel how a child feels when he or she goes hungry. As natural human being, we are full of compassion and love for children. I know you will probably do the right thing and donate because at one point or another, you went hungry.


Here is another challenge: Would you let a pet go hungry for a day or more, having the means to avoid it?


I know you have a budget and I know you have bills to pay. I do too, but I always try to budget some money for charities. The bless you bring to some today could be returned to you or a loved one another day. Do good while you can, and life will give it back with more blessings.


There are plenty ways to help this organization, please go to www.nokidhungry.org to find out how.



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