The scary numbers: Depression & Suicide in young adults

November 26, 2014   /   byMaria Garcia  / Categories :  Blog

One out of every four college students or adults suffer from some form of diagnosable mental illness.  Depression, anxiety, bipolar, the list goes on.  About 19% of young people contemplate or attempt suicide each year.  Did you know that suicide is the third leading cause of death among people ages 15-24?  It is also the second leading cause of death in college students ages 20-24.


14-24% of youth and young adults have self injured at least once. According to a recent survey, nearly half of all college students say they have felt so depressed or anxious in the past school year that they found it difficult to study.  In the last 60 years, the rate of teenage suicide in America has tripled.  More than 3,900 young people die by committing suicide every year.   Males die by suicide four time as often as females, but there are 3 female attempts for every male attempt.


In adolescents, psychiatric disorders such as depression or anxiety often go undetected and untreated for years.  Statistically, pediatricians only pick up on about a fifth of these cases, and parents rarely pick up on them.


It is estimated that half of all serious adult psychiatric illnesses, including depression, being by the age of 14.  44% of American college students report having symptoms of depression and 75% of college students do not seek help for mental health problems.  25.6% of male college students and 31.7% of female students reported that on at least one occasion in the last year, they had felt so depressed it was difficult to function.  4 out of every 5 college students who either contemplate or attempt suicide show clear warning signs.


If you know someone who is suffering from depression and/or suicidal thoughts, don’t stand idly by.  Help them!!

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