When North Meets South

November 18, 2014   /   byMaria Garcia  / Categories :  Blog


Have you ever thought, “What would happen if the north winds met the south winds?”  I’m not sure this is physically possibly, but what if? Some of the world’s greatest fishing spots are located where the warm and cold currents collide.


In our workforce, when we create an environment of “north meets south” what happens?  People start paving the way!  The impossible becomes possible, and new ways of thinking come into play.  People get more creative and curious.  Innovative products and services are created.


Take Henry Ford for example.  He hired the best engineers to design the Motor V8.  Time after time they told him it wasn’t possible and tried to get him to desist the idea. He simply kept telling them it was possible, and urged them to try again.  Fail after fail, they kept coming back to him and got the same response – “Yes it is possible, try again”.  Eventually, the impossible became possible!



What will happen next?  Go ahead, be the innovative one.  Make the impossible, possible!  Go against all odds, let north meet south – give it a try!

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