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September 11, 2014   /   byMaria Garcia  / Categories :  Blog

“ Entre los individuos, como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz”

Quoted from Benito Juarez, Mexico’s former President

Keeping crime to a minimal is always a challenge. Why is it that civilization has not changed much over the past centuries when it comes to how we human beings get along with each other and resolve conflicts? Our law enforcement is always working hard to keep the peace.

It looks as if we have gone back to our primitive stage, the barbarian stage we all once were. Why is it that we haven’t learned to get along as one species, one human kind?   Why is it so difficult to resolves our conflicts in a rational and civilized manner? Why can’t we sit down and work on our differences and disagreements objectively? Why is it that we are so inflexible, empathic and disheartened? Why can’t we realize that we are only here for a short period of time, and are intended to be on this earth for enjoyment, satisfaction and discovery? The questions are endless; the answers are few.

Throughout human history we see a need for man to be in control of others. The need to have better land, and positions of power. The need to conquer places and colonize many lands. Until a certain point this is all good, but at what cost? It should never be at the cost of innocent lives, that is for sure.

Why can’t we look at the world as one, and the nations as part of a family instead of enemies? Why can’t we live in harmony accepting the fact that we are all different? Some of us have more skills than other’s, some of us are more intellectual than other’s, some of us have more possession than other’s, some nations have better land than other’s, etc. Wouldn’t it be better if we created a society that focused on sharing our good fortunes instead of competing to acquire them by force?

Part of the problem started at the beginning of human kind. I won’t go in great detail here but it derives from the “Angel of light” filled with envy and jealously.

[color-box]Jealously: is an emotion, negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something of great personal value, particularly in reference to a human connection. It also consists of a combination of emotions such as anger, resentment, inadequacy, helplessness and disgust.[/color-box]

We see jealously between brothers and sisters of the same parents, as we saw with Cain and Abel at the beginning of our existence. It is not uncommon among humans, however this is what I mean when I say we have not learned anything in the past centuries. We have not learned how to deal effectively with this strong emotion or feeling.

On the contrary, we have fed that monster to its highest capacity. Some to the point where there no respect for human life at all. Not just the point of killing, but doing it in the most cruel and inhuman manner. What have we become? Have some humans being lost their spirit? Are they so empty that there is no emotion or feeling inside of them other than envy, rage, jealously, and cold heartedness? Who are we? What went wrong? How did we end up like this?

September 11, 2001 is a day that has marked history forever. So many innocent lives were lost. So many families with lives that radically changed for the worst, so many lives deteriorated emotionally and physically due to this kind of barbarian uncivilized terrorism. The entire nation was impacted for this act; no one will ever be the same after this date. It was a wake up call to the cruel reality we live in, a wake up call to make us check our own barometer on how we deal with feelings of jealously and envy. To stop feeding this monster some of us have inside that is capable of moving people to act in the most inhumane manner.

Many lives have changed due to this act, some of them sadly with irreversible damage emotionally, physically and even spiritually. Have some lost the love and respect for life itself? Life is a precious gift from God, and yet some kill in the name of God. How is this possible? Some have become numb to their human qualities such as love, compassion, understanding, etc. Some have become anesthetized with evil, anger, envy, rage and cruelty, and all the sentiments of bitterness.

I don’t have a solution, other than to say that we must remember who we are and what we are not. We are the stewardship of our lives and the world we live in. We don’t own our life, it’s only borrowed for a short time. Why would anyone think they could take someone elses’ life? Who gave them the right to do such a thing? Have their mental capacities become so impaired to the point they have lost the rational capacity to think and have respect for other lives? The world has gone crazy. I wish to express my deepest and sincerest sorrow to all the families that lost the lives of a loved one in that dark moment of history. I wish for peace in the world, and for peace in the heart of all those families. These following words have never been so accurate as they are now:

[color-box]“Between individuals, as between nations, peace means respect for the rights of others.” Benito Juarez former Mexico President[/color-box]

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