Meeting the basic need in a child’s life is everyone’s responsibility. #NoKidHungry

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A child doesn’t choose to come into this world, it is the grown ups decision to bring a child into the world.  It is every parent’s responsibility to ensure their children’s needs are met accordingly.  Having their basic biological needs met as Abraham Maslow indicated a while back is important to be present on a child’s early phases of life, in order for a child to develop mentally and physically well.  The basic needs Maslow talks about are the need for food, water, sleep etc.  These needs need to be met before  we can meet any others.

Sadly, many parents and single parents are struggling to meet these basic needs for their children.  Not because they are bad parents, but because of the circumstances they face on a daily basis. It is hard enough that some parents don’t get to spend adequate time with their children due to financial obligations.  Some parents even need to have two jobs in order to survive.

Some parents just don’t have the time or proper education to prepare healthy foods for their children. Consequently, we see children not getting the appropriate nutrition needed for them to grow up healthy.

In many cases like the statistics show, thousands of children go to school without having breakfast. According to Lindsey Marcellin, MD, MPH, she explains that eating breakfast gives children a mental advantage. Your body needs fuel to be able to perform well. If children miss breakfast, by lunch time they may experience fatigue, lose focus and have a lack of concentration as well.

We all know how important it is that our children function well in school. By not having them eat a healthy breakfast we are setting our children for failure in their academics as well as on their physical well being.

We need to bring awareness on the importance of healthy, nutritious, affordable meals for our children.

Here are some healthy suggestions:

Oatmeal, smoothies, low fat dairy, yogurts, fresh or dry fruits, low sugar cereals, eggs, etc.

We need to get involved in our communities, and do our own research to see that there are programs helping parents meet this basic need. If not enough resources are available, we need to get involved in making things happen. No child should go hungry, not even for one day.

How can you and I help? There are so many ways you and I can help. For more information visit You can also gather information on nutritious, low cost meals and distribute them at the school sites. Educate parents on how to make the best of their money to buy healthy food for them and their children. Most importantly, get involved! Donate your time, money and love by making a donation to nokidhungry.

God bless all of our children, and God bless everyone who is helping to make a difference in a child’s life.











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