Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

June 27, 2014   /   byMaria Garcia  / Categories :  Blog

Back when I was in middle school a long time ago, I started to hear the name Domingo talked about amongst my friends.  It seemed like the topic of everyday conversation revolved around this person.

A few weeks went by, then a few months… and my curiosity grew more and more as to who this person was.  I asked my closest friend, “Who is Domingo?  Everyone is talking about him and it’s impossible to ignore this name, so tell me- who is he?” My friend laughed and proceeded to tell me that Domingo was such a beautiful person, he was kind, helpful and always had an ear to lend to all the girls who had problems they wanted to talk about.  He always had great advice.  So I asked her, “Is he a counselor in the school?” “Oh no, he is not a counselor”, she replied.  I proceeded to ask, “Is he a teacher?” She said, “No, you will see.  Let’s stay after school on Wednesday for P.E. practice and you will get to meet him.”

Wednesday came around, and I was anxious to meet Domingo.  School finally ended for the day so we went to practice and then to the cafeteria to have a snack.  When we got to the cafeteria, I saw a small group gathered around this person, and my friend said – “There is Domingo!”  “Where?” I said. “There, among all those girls… this is what happens every time he is here.  Everyone comes looking for him”, she explained.  As I approached the group, I saw a short chunky, small guy with no physical attraction (at least not to me at the time).  I remembered thinking to myself, are you kidding me?  This is the famous Domingo?  This is who all the fuss is about?  What’s so special about this guy?

My friend introduced me to Domingo, who spoke softly with a very gentleman like demeanor.  He was an extraordinarily kind human being.  After I listened to him speak for awhile, I all of a sudden understood why everyone was talking about him, and why he was so admired among everyone at school.

Domingo was not a standard good looking man, he was not tall, not muscular and did not have an attractive face to the normal standards. What made Domingo so special was his kind personality.  He was in fact the janitor of the school.  He was only 20 years old, and came from Mexico.  He was working as a janitor because he had to work to help support his family here. His parents were very old and sick and he wanted his little sister to be able to go to college, something that he did not have the chance to do.

Domingo was indeed a beautiful person, he was kind, and always took the time to listen to the problems that everyone came to seek his advice for.  He was very noble, and good hearted.  He gave good advice, he would encourage the girls not to leave school and to behave themselves.  The was no malice in his nature, even though he was young – he never looked at any of the girls in any other way then as if they were his sisters.  You would see Domingo cleaning the cafeteria and the school hallways with a smile, and always listening to music with his headphones on.  When someone approached him, he would leave everything he was doing and give them his full attention.

So what makes a person beautiful to the point that their physical appearance becomes completely irrelevant? Their demeanors, pure persona, and human being composition.  This is what made Domingo a beautiful human being and why others were attracted to him.

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  • Jane Anderson / 11 Oct

    This is a wonderful story, Maria. There should be a lot more Domingos in the world.

  • Amber-Lee Dibble / 11 Oct

    A beautiful story about a beautiful human. Thank you Maria for sharing this, for sharing this angel who came into your life. I have always felt like that when I have met such people before, as if I had been in the presence of an angel.

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